July 23, 2011

a q slumber party

this was aiden's first year at vacation bible school at our church.  since the age requirement was three-years-old before september 1st, i invited my sister, ellen, to send her children with him!  since it was only for the morning & the church was 20 minutes away from her house, ellen and the Qs had lunch & napped at our house every day.  ellen was having a VERY bad week and i thought that it might be fun to take one of her kids to spend the night each night.  since i'm really only around all of her kids at any given time, a slumber party would give each of us -- me and one of her children -- a taste of "one-on-one" (and give my kids a fun diversion!).

it was an awesome week...

monday was sidney's night.  she was a jewel.  after nap, she, aiden & brynne played together in aiden's room until dinner time.  i didn't have to once interfere.  bliss.  oh yeah, and she slept until 7:30 the next morning!

book time

this is the first time we've used aiden's trundle
he, of course, decided he would sleep on it - sidney could have his bed!

tuesday was ivy's night.  she was a bit more rambunctious than sidney and she and aiden tended to leave brynne out, so i had to be more hands-on.  ivy is constantly cracking me up with the words coming out of her mouth -- "i like your shirt aunt mimi" & " you're my best friend aunt mimi" & "you're so pretty aunt mimi".

party time at breakfast?
they cracked each other up the entire time she was here!

wednesday night was luke & mitchell's night.  i did them together because we had a family night with damon's work to go to on thursday.  since damon had to work late & i was taking two of her kids, ellen took brynne home with her for a girl's slumber party. 

nain came over and things got a little crazy with the water, but it's H.O.T. hot, so who really cares??



rub-a-dub-dub, three boys in the tub!

book time

oh yeah -- did i mention that our refrigerator went out during the week and we had to had it serviced two times???  aiden loved watching the technician work.  think he'll be an engineer?

friday night was brie's night.  all week long she had been sooooooo anticipating her night to sleep over.  i had plans to go to my friend emily's house after nap, for a pool & pizza party, so brie just came along.  she had fun swimming, eating popsicles, playing, and NOT eating pizza (because she doesn't eat much more than peanut butter sandwiches, toast, bananas, and macaroni & cheese).  of the five, she's the LEAST likely to stay awake late & be pleasant, but even when we didn't get home until 9:00 PM, she was an absolute trooper!!

floating in the pool


pizza & peanut butter -- yum!

smiley kids

now it's three in the slumber party room!


southerninspiration said...

Awww.......mimi, what a FUN, Fun, week!!!

Kari said...

So so cute.
Brynney-boo has THE tiniest little nose ever!
Ivy and Aiden look like the definitely had fun together. Can't wait to see "Y'all" in November. XO